Wednesday, September 12, 2007

She's Adorable

I've had the pleasure of staying home with Alex. There are days when I think I should go back to work. Especially when we only have one income and don't have enough money to pay for certain things. Like an extra car payment. Stupid us for apparently accepting a variable rate. The two car payment thing should be over soon, then we can pay off the trip to Saskatchewan and the roof. Today I was thinking about calling work and saying I would go back but only on weekends. We need the extra money, but then I turned around to see what Alex was doing and here she was trying to put her sock on. How can I go back to work and miss all these adorable moment. She's also giving me kisses when I ask for them. I guess Dave and I will have to talk about going back to work. I know if I went back to McDonald's it's not worth it. Day Care is way to much. Well off to play with Alexandra.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Alex's 1st B-day Is Just Around The Corner

I can't believe how time flies. In less than a month my daughter Alexandra will be 1. I've always thought of first b-days as not that important, but having my own changed my mind. It's amazing that in a year how much she's changed and I can't wait to celebrate her b-day. I don't want a party of 50 kids just a nice little thing with close family. To the family that can't celebrate her 1st b-day with us on the 5th we understand completely and you can celebrate it another day. I don't know how long will be in Sudbury for. I'm hoping we can spend a little time with Ann and the girls.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sleep Training

At the beginning of the week Dave and I had 2 really bad nights,where Alex refuse to go to sleep in her crib. This was not like her since she's always slept in her crib at night. During our trip to Saskatchewan,Dave and I started to take her into bed with us. We mainly did that so she wouldn't wake everyone else up. Well it backfired. When we got back we noticed that's what she wanted. We then decided it was time to sleep train her. I called Kim and ask for her advice after a long 5 hrs of crying. She recommended this book, it's great. Thanks Kim. Love you even more now:) Dave took Friday off so that we could start on Thursday night. The first night she cried for 25 min non stop, then a few hrs later she would cry for a few minutes. The first night was good. We then got her up at 7am to also train her for nap time. Since she's be born I've always held her during her naps( I love doing). Well she only cried for 5 min and we also had to get her up. I know your all thinking why wake a sleeping baby. The reason behind it, it's so that she can have 2 naps and at set regular time. This will also help her sleep better at night. Eventually she will wake on her own. I find so far that nap time crying is easier and shorter. We can actually get things done.

Last night was great. She also cried for 25 min. I couldn't handle it so I was doing some yard work and I also went to Tim's with my dad. When we got back I was greeted at the door by Dave telling us to be quiet. SHE"S ASLEEP:) Oh ya and it's 8pm. Alex was great she slept the entire night. One good night. I'm also glad that Dave is off to help with this since I know I would break down and give in. Thanks Dave for being here and listening to the crying. Love you lots. Maybe now we both won't be so cranky.


Sunday, June 03, 2007


I just got back from Sudbury and would like to say I'm sorry to those I didn't get to see. I didn't get to Sudbury until 11pm on Friday and left Sunday at 11am. We are planning a trip soon but please be patient with us. The gas prices are high and the blazer uses a lot of gas. Dave is also busy with work.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Is she talking?

A few weeks ago Dave and I swear that we hear Alex say DADA. I was a little excited. Well my mom is here for another week and she heard the same thing. I will try and get it on video for everyone. I'm also waiting to see what people think about the walking thing. Please comment on daddy's blog.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Alex walking

For those who I haven't phoned to tell. Alex took her first steps with assistance from my mom. My mom wasn't helping her move, Alex was doing that by herself. I have it on video and when Dave gets back on Wednesday if he has time I'll get him to post it. Marie-Eve I'm posting just for you, so your not to bored. Talk to you soon

Thursday, April 05, 2007

No More

I will no longer be blogging. If I offended my in-laws by not mentioning what they got me for my b-day sorry. I used the money to go shopping. I will be using the purse as well. As for the hair cut I knew Chris couldn`t see. My own husband didn`t even say my hair was nice. It was nice blogging but good bye. I hate pissing people off. I`m also sorry if I enjoyed the time with my friends. It was the first time in almost 7 years that I made time for myself and I upset people. Sorry for wanting a life.